1.1 What are kernel modules parameters?

Some kernel modules have parameters, a.k.a. options to modify their behavior. For example, a kernel module that implements a device driver for a sound card may have a port and an irq parameters which are necessary for the driver to work. Or a webcam may have several parameters that control the sensor.

The /sbin/modinfo command shows the list of parameters a module supports, and brief descriptions for each parameter.

See The Linux Documentation Project's documentation for details on Linux kernel modules.

2.1 Can I still edit /etc/modules.conf?

Yes. But not while gmodconfig is running :-)

3.1 How are the XML files that gmodconfig uses generated?

For now they're edited manually, from scratch. Support for generating a boilerplate XML file from modinfo's output as a starting point is underway.

3.2 What happens if the XML file for a module is missing?

If the XML file corresponding to a kernel module does not exists, gmodconfig falls back on using the less accurate, English-only modinfo output.

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