• 18-DEC-2003: release 0.6

    • turned gmodconfig's core (the notebook widget and underlying machinery) into a Bonobo control.
    • added support for new modinfo's output for 2.6.x kernels (problem reported by Uri Sharf)
    • added support for "byte" type parameters
    • added un-installer dialog box (not functional)
    • added new configure options for RPM, Bonobo and modinfo

  • 24-OCT-2003: release 0.5

    • converted author name string to UTF8 for proper display by GtkLabel
    • parameter names are now shown in tooltips in the Parameters tab
    • new feature: parameter groups. Parameters belonging to a group are put together inside a Gtk frame in the Parameters tab
    • fix to support kernel 2.6 modules (reported by Uri Sharf)
    • DKMS installer supports both RPM and tarballs now.
      Note: installation of DKMS-enabled RPM is still experimental.
    • XML data moved into their own package, gmodconfig-data

  • 03-AUG-2003: release 0.4

    • fixed bugs (missing parameter types)
    • added search field to GUI
    • added support for default parameter values
      • added "default" attribute to module XML spec, updated ov511 example
    • removed the ".o" extension from module names in the modules treeview
    • dropped dependency on libxml++, use libxml2 directly instead
    • added DocBook documentation and an OMF file for ScrollKeeper
    • added an install manager supporting DKMS packages
    • changes to Parameters tab:
      • added missing pulldown list in combo widgets
      • replaced spin box by combo for array parameters
    • changes to Updates tab:
      • added ChangeLog viewer
      • added install button which launches the install manager if a package is available for download
    • change in About tab: added hyperlink to GPL (supports i18n)
    • gmodconfigedit:
      • "apply" button now works in XSA assistant
      • prevent duplicate entries from being added to treeviews in the two assistant druids

  • 22-APR-2003: release 0.3

    • updated code to compile with libxml++ 0.22
    • added an assistant druid to gmodconfigedit to edit module XML files
    • XML and XSA data are now cached (read only once per session)
    • use modinfo's output for module parameter descriptions in English. Such descriptions should be provided in the XML files only if they differ from modinfo's output.
    • updated ov511.xml accordingly (removed all unnecessary English entries)
    • bug fix in modinfo's output parser in case modinfo returns a warning
    • bug fix in XML reader in case tags have empty content
    • updated French translation
    • updated Portuguese translation (Andre Ventura Lemos)

  • 13-MAR-2003: release 0.2

    • added an XSA assistant (gmodconfigedit) that can create and edit XSA files
    • implemented the "Updates" tab in gmodconfig. If an XSA file is available for a module, its content will be displayed in the tab
    • added tooltips and status bar messages
    • updated ov511.xml: added pointer to an XSA file (residing on gmodconfig's website) as an example
    • updated French translation
    • patch to compile with libxml++ 0.21 (Trevor Spiteri)
    • added Portuguese translation (Andre Ventura Lemos)

  • 17-FEB-2003: initial release

      Version 0.1 lets users configure existing kernel modules. While the code handling the multilanguage is in place, only English (the default) and French translations of the graphic interface are available. Only one module XML file is provided, for the ov511 driver. Modules download, installation and update is not implemented yet.

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