At the moment, the contributions that would be the most beneficial to this project are in the following areas:

  • Testing
  • Try out gmodconfig by clicking around on module names in the treeview. More precisely since few modules have an XML file, the parameters informations will come from parsing modinfo's output. I might have overlooked some parameters types for example, which will result in odd behavior or a crash. Please report bugs you find using Sourceforge's tracking system. Thanks!

  • Gnome code review
  • I've started to look into the Gnome API only recently. Reviews of my Gnome and GTK code is welcome :-)

  • XML
  • Comments are welcome on the XML format I defined to store informations about kernel modules. Note: I plan to introduce a namespace.

  • Translations
  • Due to the very nature of this project there are numerous things to do in terms of translations. See the Translations section for details.

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