gmodconfig is free software, released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. This license is designed to grant you certain freedoms. Please read it carefully.

Releases are available for download from Sourceforge. There you'll find source tarballs and an RPM built for RedHat 8.0.

Software requirements

To run gmodconfig you'll need the following:

  • The GNOME2 libraries, which are shipped in recent GNU/Linux distributions.
  • libxml2 (as of version 0.4, gmodconfig does not depend on libxml++ anymore)

Getting the latest sources

The latest development work on gmodconfig is available from Sourceforge's CVS. To access the CVS repository, please read the instructions on this project's CVS page.

You'll need a GNU C++ compiler to compile gmodconfig since it uses a non standard GNU extension ;-) I'm using GCC-3.2, which is shipped with Redhat 8.0.

Once you have obtained the sources from CVS you'll need to run ./ This script runs in turn. You might have to install the gnome-common package for this to work.

Compiling from sources

This process is automated through the use of a configure script. See the INSTALL file in the sources for details.

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