What is gmodconfig?

gmodconfig is a Gnome application which allows Linux users to:

  • configure kernel modules' parameters, in their native language (if such translations exist),
  • check for new versions of kernel modules, as well as download, build and install those
  • access kernel modules informations (license, authors, link to website)

It's mainly aimed at inexperienced Linux users, however even long time Linux users might find it useful!

16-Feb-2004: gmodconfig-data 0.2 is released

This release provides new XML files for webcam modules and a translation of those modules' parameters in French. It also has an XML file for the nvidia module.
It can be downloaded from Sourceforge.

13-Jan-2004: Japanese translation available in CVS

Thanks to Takeshi AIHANA from the Japan GNOME users group for translating the gmodconfig messages into Japanese.
I also fixed parts of the code that prevented certain i18n messages to be displayed.

18-Dec-2003: version 0.6 is out

Check out the Download and Status pages for details.
This release was tested with GNOME 2.5.1

28-Nov-2003: turning gmodconfig into a Bonobo control

This will make gmodconfig's reusable and embeddable into other applications. The code changes are in CVS. After some more testing is completed, a new release will be made.
See the new Embedding page for more details.

24-Oct-2003: version 0.5 is out

Check out the Download and Status pages for details.
The kernel modules metadata (XML files) are now released separately in their own package (gmodconfig-data).

04-Oct-2003: recent CVS changes

The Parameters tab was improved with the addition of parameter groups and tooltips that show the actual parameter names (check out how it looks like with the ov511 module). The Install manager now supports both DKMS-enabled RPMs and tarballs.

If you know the RPM 4.1 API, could you please review my code? I'd appreciate feedback.

03-Aug-2003: version 0.4 is out

Check out the Download and Status pages for details.

18-Jul-2003: recent CVS changes

A bunch of changes have been checked in into CVS since June: bugfixes for missing parameter types, the new "default" attribute for module parameters, some minor GUI improvements, a DocBook based documentation, and the XML parsing is now done with libxml2 directly instead of libxml++. Work on the module downloader/installer is underway.

07-Jun-2003: search feature in CVS

I've added a search feature to the GUI to allow quick access to modules. Try it out!

22-Apr-2003: version 0.3 is out

Version 0.3 is there, head towards the Download and Status pages for details.

Going forward the focus will be to polish the user-interface, complete the user documentation, hook up the online help to the "Help" buttons in the GUI, etc...

The user interface has been translated to French and Portuguese so far. Help on translating into more languages is appreciated! See the Translations page for details on how to help.

13-Mar-2003: version 0.2 is out

Go to the Download section for download and installation instructions. Change log is available in the source distribution and on the Status page.

02-Mar-2003: XSA assistant in CVS

I've checked in my first shot at an XSA assistant druid in CVS. It does not generate any XSA files yet though :-)
If you look at it, please share your thoughts and comments on gmodconfig-devel, thanks!

17-Feb-2003: first release of gmodconfig

I am happy to announce the release of gmodconfig version 0.1. Go to the Download section for download and installation instructions.

Mailing-lists have been setup, go to the Support section for details. A manual is also available.

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